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Our very own speed cuber - he did it in 36 seconds the first time!

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Tobogganing at Robin Hill Adventure Park 🎢

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Some children faced their fears today and went on the ride at Robin Hill

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Our morning started with an exciting surprise: Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex landed in a helicopter next to our houses!

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🥳🎈Happy birthday from us all at the IOW🎈🥳

Pupil Voice

School Captains 2021 - 2022

Alfie-James and Amelia 

This year we had an amazing 44 children put themselves forward for the role of school captain. Year 6 voted in the first round and the top 6 children got through to the whole school virtual assembly round. The whole school voted and our school captains for 2021-22 are Alfie-James and Amelia. The presentations were exceptional and all the children who participated should be very proud of themselves

House Captains 2021 - 2022

RED -  Euan and Tyla

BLUE - Max and Faith

GREEN - Alfie and Daisie

YELLOW -  Alex and Phoebe


Pupil Leadership Team 2021 - 2022

As part of the Pupil Leadership Team they support the teachers and all other members of staff to find ways of improving the school experience for all pupils. Their role will includes looking at the teaching and learning that goes on in classrooms as well as the more general aspects of life at school. They are the representative for all pupils to enable them to have a say in improving their own education and developing new ideas for the future.

Year 6 Year 5
Daniel Nish
Kaiesei Sophie
Alfie Chloe
Amelia Charles
Amelie Caitlin
Milly Sofia
Nureen Zahra Evan

Prefects - Spring Term 2021

Joshua Seb       
Liam Charlie
Ryan Harrison
Elena Lara
Nureen Zahra Lucy
Renee Nell


School Councillors

This is a democratic group who are elected by their peers. Children interested in representing their class gave a talk which was presented to the class as to why they were good for the role. Votes were cast by their peer group and two children were elected per class from Years 2 to 6.

Their main roles are to improve and develop links with the local community, supporting PTA events, fund raise for chosen charities, using their role to ensure children's ideas and suggestions are heard.

Young Leaders

"In Young Leaders we play with little KS1 children. It is really exciting when you first put on a Young Leaders T-Shirt and carry the equipment out onto the top playground. We play many games like "What’s the time Mr Wolf" and parachute games like "Cat and Mouse". It is an absolute joy to see the happiness on the younger children’s faces, to see them laugh when running under the parachute, to see them scream when running away from the wolf. It is a big responsibility to see that everybody is happy but it is worth it. This is why I love being a Young Leader. Every Friday I get excited about Young Leaders."  

Peer Mediators

Being a peer mediator is a very important job.  A peer mediator keeps people safe. They make sure there are no fights or fall outs during playtime and lunchtime.  If you have a problem, come and see a Year 5 in a red hat. "I like being a peer mediator because I like other people to make friends."