International Links

At Whyteleafe School we are aiming high to encourage all the pupils to have an appreciation of other languages and cultures.  We have always considered the knowledge of Modern Foreign Languages to be essential to our children’s education and we pride ourselves on being able to provide French lessons on a weekly basis to the whole of Key Stage 2. 



We have set up links with a school in France so that the children can get to know what life is like at a French school. We also have had links with a school in Kimilili for many years.

As an extra curricular activity, Mrs Edwards also runs a highly successful French Club after school on Tuesdays and at lunchtime on a Thursday which is open to Key Stage 1 children.




We are exploring other ways to celebrate the diversity of our pupils and increase their awareness of other countries.  We have run a Japanese Club before registration once a week and parents have devoted their time to coming in to give taster sessions in German and Polish.  We are hoping to expand this and would like to encourage other parents/carers to come forward if they would like to offer taster sessions in other languages. If you would like to do this please contact Mrs Sharp through the school office.  

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