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Retweeted From Sarah Blackburn

We did our miles yesterday, but you can still join in today - looking forward to seeing what everyone got up to! @

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A lovely Monday morning welcoming back Year 2.

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Retweeted From de Stafford School

Year 6 - please find a welcome video from our Inclusion and SEND team. We can't wait to meet you!

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Retweeted From de Stafford School

We've been very impressed with the work submitted by Year 6 students so far. Don't forget there's a 'Year 7 Taster Task' to be found for every subject via our Google Classroom!

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Retweeted From Whyteleafe School PE

Happy International Handstand day from everyone at and a massive thank you to the awesome Miss Young for creating this video. Enjoy! I wonder what and think...

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Retweeted From John Williams

It’s great to see a bit of socially distanced bustle back into school now we’ve welcomed back y6, y1 and Rec as well as children of key workers. Thanks must go to the hard work of all staff and support of parents across

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Retweeted From Whyteleafe School Y4

A little message from Year 4😍🌈

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Retweeted From GLF Schools’ Careers

We are excited to be opening a BRAND NEW Nursery at Whyteleafe Primary School in , and we are looking for excellent practitioners to join us at this exciting time. We have opportunities for a Level 2, Level 3 and a Nursery Apprenticeship:

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Yesterday, Poppy completed a 20km (1000 lengths of her garden) sunrise walk from 4am for Shooting Stars Children’s Hospice and raised over £1000. Well done, Poppy. We are so proud of you!!!

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From all the staff at Whyteleafe. We miss you.

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Today, we built dens!

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A little message from school...

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Just a little reminder to all parents and are doing an amazing job!!

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Another successful week at Whyteleafe School. Rock painting, banner making and Sapphire ties. Well done to the staff and children who were in over the holidays to provide care for our key worker’s children.

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Happy Easter from Whyteleafe School!! Well done to the staff team and children in this week!! What a week of Easter celebrations!!!

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Retweeted From Rachel Holding

that's so lovely.....didn't realise you had children in this week. you are all superstars x

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Retweeted From Emma Louise Skipper

Team 2 and our fabulous year four boys. Xx

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Retweeted From Sharon

Who’s responsible for this fab sign?? Happy Easter to all

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Retweeted From John Williams

Are you looking for your first DHT appointment? Take a look here and please get in touch if you’re interested 👇

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from Whyteleafe School.

Feedback & Testimonials

Feedback from parents:

Whyteleafe is good at “…providing advice at Parents’ Evenings on how we can support our children.”

“Our child has had the most amazing time so far at school.  They love going and  thoroughly enjoys it.  Thank you so much for all you do for our children.”

“We are thrilled with our child’s report – They are very happy at Whyteleafe and obviously in an environment where they are encouraged to thrive.”

“We are delighted with our son’s progress and enthusiasm towards school this last year.  He has shown growth in social skills, mathematics and his writing.”

“I would just like to take the opportunity to thank everyone at Whyteleafe School for giving my daughter so many wonderful opportunities during her primary school years.  She has achieved her personal targets whilst enjoying learning through the dedicated teaching staff at Whyteleafe.”

“Good environment for learning and excellent teachers.”

“…there is a good sense of community within the school.”

“The school has always offered a variety of activities and my child feels safe, secure and enjoys a well-balanced approach to education.”

“The school provides so many opportunities and is very inclusive to all children.”

“The progress in my child has been amazing and we are amazed by how much they have learnt already.”

“I think that it is positive that the school looks at manners, healthy eating and all-round being to develop them as people as well as the academic attainment.”

“The teachers get to know the children very well which creates a lovely family atmosphere.”

“Children get exposure to all sorts of exciting experiences through which they learn and build their confidence.”

Whyteleafe is good at “…fostering a positive attitude to learning.”

“The school feels very welcoming so I know that if I have any questions there will be a member of staff to help.”

“Older children have many possible leadership roles, enabling them to support the younger ones, creating bonds throughout the year groups.”

“We are delighted with the progress she has made during her time at Whyteleafe.  She has grown socially and academically.  She has loved school and fully involved herself in all activities, she will miss attending Whyteleafe and we thank all the staff for their efforts over the years.”

“A wide variety of topics are taught, along with plenty of extra-curricular activities, allowing children to develop in all areas.”

“I like the pride that the school takes in appearance and uniform.”

“There is a very good atmosphere of working hard but also having fun and being motivated.  My children are very happy here.”

“I am very pleased with my son’s progress this year; he has had a lot of extra help which has given him a lot more confidence.  He has been very happy at Whyteleafe and I can’t thank you enough.”


Feedback from prospective parents:

“It was lovely to look around the school. The children all seem engaged, staff friendly and there are great opportunities for success.”

“Great tour.  Out of all four schools I have looked at the kids showing us round they were the most confident and knowledgeable.”

“Lovely tour. The two year 6 students were very informative and answered all of our questions.”

“Lucy and Jake were fantastic. They answered all of our questions with great enthusiasm. The school is really lovely.”

“Children were wonderful with the tour - very insightful and lots of activities available. Great involvement with parents and teachers.”

“Great feel to the school. Daniel and Nael were fabulous guides.”

“Our year 6 guides were great and very polite. School has changed so much since I was there - can’t wait for our daughter to start.”

“Fantastic tour guides, really helpful.  Really impressed with the school, has a wonderful feel to it. Great that you have a swimming pool on school grounds.”

“Amazing tour, Louisa and Ava were fantastic!”

“Brilliant tour. Love how classrooms are open. Our tour guides, Jake and Lucy, were very nice. Lovely to have pupils taking us around.”



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