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At Whyteleafe we pride ourselves on our musical ability.  We have a choir of 70 KS2 children each year with a waiting list!   Every year the choir go to the Royal Albert Hall or the O2, and Dorking Halls schools concerts and host the yr 2 local schools concert at Whyteleafe.  There is also an end of year music concert where the orchestra, choir and individual pupils perform. They also entertain the Grandparents at the annual Grandparents Tea Party and  the PTA Christmas Carol Evening, Christmas and Summer fairs. They also sing at the Harvest Festival service every year at St Luke's church.

There are also lunchtime recorder clubs for different year groups.  In year 4 the whole year group have the fantastic opportunity to learn the clarinet and yr 3 learn the toot. We also now have a set of African Drums for all to learn to play.  For the younger children we have a lunchtime Mini Singers club where they learn fun songs with lots of actions. They also perform at school events.

Year 6 perform a Victorian Music Hall assembly each year and KS1 put on a brilliant Christmas show for their parents with lots of singing. 


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