Gymnastic Competition Reports

Isla Mclaggan 6C -

On the 23rd November 2017 there was a gymnastic competition at De Stafford School.  As we arrived we were so excited.  We started the warm up and we started marching across the floor like Olympic gymnasts.  Next we were presented to the crowd.  First we started on the vault, we had a practise and then the real competition was here.  Dulcie went first, woosh!  Then we all went afterwards, we were all amazing.  On the floor, Lauren was fantastic and so were other people; everyone did it neatly and no-one made a mistake.  Finally the results were announced and in third place from Whyteleafe was… me!  Overall we finished 3rd.

My best performer was Dulcie because she was flying over the vault and she did the floor routine like a professional.

Maddie Evans 6C -

On the 23rd of November some of the year 5 and 6 children set off to DeStafford School for the gymnastics competition.  All of us were nervous and didn’t know what to expect.  Whyteleafe was the first for the vault and Dulcie went first.  She ran, jumped, pointed her toes and stuck her landing perfectly.  Everyone had two goes on the vault.  Next off we went to the floor.  Dulcie was first again and she did an amazing routine.  Once everyone had finished, we went out of the hall and lined up for a march around the hall.   Then the winners were announced and Isla finished 3rd.  Whyteleafe also finished 3rd overall.  A big thank you to Mr Reardon for taking us and Miss Banwell for coaching us.  Also thank you to the parents for supporting us.

My best performer was Isla because she came 3rd and also Dulcie because she did a fantastic routine and stuck to everything.

Dulcie Thatcher 6C -

On the 23rd November 2017, it was the school gymnastic competition up at DeStafford School.  There were four schools there.  Whyteleafe, Hillcroft, St John’s and St Francis’.  We all queued up for our go on the vault. Whyteleafe went first.  I had a tremendous speedy run up, I put my hands onto the vault, pointed my toes and landed neatly.  Everyone did really well.  Next we went off to the floor.  We all had a great practise before it was time for the real thing.  I was first again and I was so nervous.  I stuck my round off and did the roll perfectly.  The rest of the routine was really good too (I hope).  Now we nervously watched the other schools on the vault and floor and they were really good too.  Afterwards we anxiously awaited the scores.  We came back into the room for the march on and listened to the results.  Miss Banwell announced that Isla had came in 3rd place in the district and that Whyteleafe finished 3rd overall.  All we didn’t come first, we all enjoyed it.  We went to our parents and congratulated everyone.  I would like to thank Miss Banwell for coaching us and Mr Reardon and parents for supporting us.

My best performers were Maddie Evans because she tried hard and Isla Mclaggan because she got a medal.

Aimee Bacon 5R -

On Thursday 23rd November Whyteleafe School Gymnastic Team travelled to DeStafford School for the competition.  The schools that were there were St John’s, St Francis’ Hillcroft and ourselves.  We were first up on the vault.  We started well!  Dulcie went first and we continued in order until Chloe.  Afterwards it was our time for the floor.  We practised first and again it went Dulcie first and we all had a go until it was Chloe.  Finally it was time for the scores.  Isla came in third place and we all cheered.  We all waited for the overall scores and we finished 3rd.  Well done everyone.  A big thank you to the parents for supporting, Miss Banwell for coaching us and Mr Reardon for being there.

My best performers were Isla and Maddie for trying.