Swimming Gala 2017

Congratulations to all the swimmers who took part to make Whyteleafe School the Champions for the 2017 competition.  All the children were a credit to the school, both in terms of their effort and their behaviour poolside.  A big thank you to all the parents who were able to support and help with transport.   I would also like to thank Miss Riley and Ms Martina for all their work training the team and making sure that everyone was as prepared as possible!

Swimming Gala report for the Year 5 Girls by Ruby Satchell in 5R

On the 14th November 2017 Whyteleafe School journeyed to Warlingham School to race against all different school in the annual swimming gala.  We got off to a great start.  We won our first couple of races.  Then it was finally my turn.  I slowly got into the water and I felt so nervous.  Boom!  We were off.  I felt like I was flying.  I won my race and I was so happy.  We won nearly all of our races.  It was finally time for our relay and we won that too!  Now it was time for the results.  They said Woodlea were last, then Hamsey Green, St John’s, Warlingham Village and Audley.  It was just between us and St Francis but thankfully we won.

My swimmers of the day were myself and Poppy because we really cooperated well.

Swimming report for the Year 6 Boys by Samuel G in 6C

On the 14th November some Year 5 and 6 children competed in the Swimming Gala.  The swimming gala was held at Warlingham School.  7 different schools competed and everyone was very excited.  We all put our swimming costumes on and were ready to go.  The races were well organised and the spectators were very loud.  Lots of us were nervous about their races and unsure before they began, however we all did really well with lots of children winning.  In the year 6 boys relay race, Reuben got us off to a good start, followed by Nathan.  Then it was Harvey, who swam really well.  Now it was my turn and I had to race like a rocket through the water and thankfully we won.  We also came first overall and all got a gold medal.  I would like to thank Mrs Martina for teaching us and Mrs Reilly for getting us orangised.

My Swimmer of the day was Luke because even though he was a year 4, he swam really well and won.

Swimming report for the Year 5 Boys by Daniel Oliver in 5S

On the 14th November 2017 myself and the other pupils from Whyteleafe School competed in the swimming gala.  Everyone did really well.  I was excited to be taking part but a little bit scared as well.  When it was my turn I was shaking so much but I was ready to dive in.  3…2…1….GO!  and I was off!  I tried to go as fast as I could and I came first.  Finally it was over and Whyteleafe won.  I would like to thank Mrs Reilly and Mrs Martina because we couldn’t have done it without them.

My swimmers of the day were Poppy and Harry because they swam really fast.

Swimming report for the Year 6 Girls by Dulcie T in 6C

On the 14th November 2017 we had the swimming gala at Warlingham School.  Whyteleafe started off with a smashing race with Poppy finishing 2nd.  Our 3rd Race had Holly competing for us and she did really well and won.   As did Amy Deighton in the 50m backstroke.  In the Girls Relay we came first.  At the end the overall winner was, of course, Whyteleafe.  Once we had been announced as the winners, we hoosted up the trophy and had our picture taken with it.  I would like to thank Mrs Reilly and our parents for supporting us and Mrs Martina for coaching us.

My Swimmer of the day was Luke Deighton for trying really hard and winning the race even though he is a year 4.