Cross Country


Cross country at Whyteleafe is back and how we have missed it!  We took a record 48 children to the race and every single one showed us why we at Whyteleafe are known as a school with a history of sporting excellence.  Firstly, the year 3 & 4 Girls showed the way, with some brilliant individual performances.  Despite having the smallest team, they showed excellent resilience and finished a respectable 5th out of 9 schools.  The year 3 & 4 boys were next and through hard work and determination won overall, with Luke Deighton winning the race.  This set the standard for the year 5 & 6 girls and boys team with Lauren Hodgson winning her race and Junior E finishing second.

A big thank you to all the children who took part and the parents who offer lifts.  It is lovely to see so many children taking part and we could not do this without you.   A special mention to the year 5 & 6 champions who started the event off by speaking so well at their presentation this afternoon.  One last thing I need to do is mention Daisy Osmore-Clarke, who showed a Whyteleafe never say die attitude by competing in the age group above hers when she was late for the race and missed the start.  What an inspiration!

Freya Lee 9th
Lyla Ward 20th
Amber D'Souza 30th
Ebony Booth 14th

Sam Deighton 10th
Tristan Thor 42nd
Daniel Weal 76th
Caden Owlett-parr 46th
Nathan Peacock 27th
Toby Andrew 45th
Albert Jessemey 17th
Henry Ruddock 43rd
Thomas Pearce 14th
Charlie Brown 16th

Kayleigh S-T 29th
Samantha Mbugua 28th
Isla Bullen 16th
Poppy Coleman 20th
Lucy Ritcher 33rd
Teaghan Haviland 31st
Amelie Allgate 8th
Summer Campbell 7th
Isla Mclaggan 11th
Holly Rotchell 19th
Jaime Mazzetti 47th
Freya Mallet 3rd
DAISY OSMORE-CLARKE 32nd (as a year 3!!!)

Oliver Scott 29th
Dylan Philips 40th
Nathan Brown 21st
Sam Giddings 8th
Jason Lee 16th
Charlie Williams 48th
Jake Welby 5th
Gabriel Berry 56th
Reuben Hawkins 32nd
Alex Peacock 51st
Harvey Lee 4th
Owen Bromige 44th
Junior Eccleston 2nd