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  • Science Day

    Science Day
    27th June 2017

    Monday 26th June was Science Day. Every child in the school took part in a variety of different science experiments including; making bouncy balls, building towers out of marshmallows and spaghetti, making corn kernels dance and chromatography. “We added lemon juice liquid latex. That caused a chemical reaction so we had to mix it straight away. Once we had mixed it enough we had to put it in water. When we got it out of the water, we moulded it into a ball and then we had our own bouncy ball.” Emily, Year 4 “The activity I learned the most from was the dancing popcorn because it showed how different liquids and solids react.” -Sophia, Year 5 “My favourite activity was chromatography because I made lots of different colours with one felt tip pen.” -Luca, Year 5 “Science day has inspired me to do more science and do more experiments at home.” -Lucy, Year 5. “My favourite bit was making slime. It was really sticky.” -Barnaby, Year 2. Read More

  • Building Bird Boxes

    Building Bird Boxes
    26th June 2017

    This morning Whyteleafe Helping Hands volunteered to help the children to build 5 bird boxes for the new outdoor learning area. The children nailed, screwed and drilled the boxes to complete them as shown by Mr. Froud. They had great fun and were very proud of their achievements. Read More

  • Science Day

    Science Day
    26th June 2017

    On Science Day year 3 learnt how to make corn kernels dance! Read More

  • Greek Pots

    Greek Pots
    19th June 2017

    Year 3 have also been very busy making clay Greek pots. Read More

  • Yr 3 Greek Day

    Yr 3 Greek Day
    17th June 2017

    Year three took part in a range of activities: games, quizzes and Olympic Games. They tried on some armour and held some weapons. The children developed their Greek understanding and knowledge in a practical and exciting way. Read More